The Ambiance



Use our interactive view finder above to experience our view.

Upon arrival at Nikolai’s Roof, the breathtaking view of downtown Atlanta is right before your eyes. Nikolai’s Roof sits atop the Hilton Atlanta and offers a 180 degree view of the Atlanta skyline through its continuous floor to ceiling windows. Once the sun sets, hundreds of lights that halo the candle-lit dining room, join leagues with the twinkling lights of the city, and offer an enchanting back drop for what’s sure to be a truly memorable occasion.

Aside from the skyline, patrons can’t help but to take notice of the Russian and French inspired décor. Nikolai’s Roof was originally inspired by Russian Czar Nikolai II who was said to be so enamored with the cuisine and culture of the French that he ordered the best in French chefs and wines, insisted his court speak French and decorated the imperial palace in cobalt blue and imperial red.

We have incorporated this theme into everything from the pattern in the carpet to the original Faberge and Christian Dior china that adorns each table. In conjunction with our award winning cuisine, these subtle touches set us apart and allow us to offer a dining experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the city.